About Us

Rope Access Scotland & NDT Services Ltd. offers cost effective services to its clients. We carry out a wide range of work using rope access such as welding, fabrication, maintenance and inspection on harbours, bridges, piers, canals and buildings, soil and rock stabilisation, scaling, netting and bolting.

We have a mobile fabrication and welding unit that can carry out anything from small repairs to more extensive tasks.

Rope Access Scotland & NDT Services Ltd. has platforms for inspection and maintenance on harbours, bridges, buildings, communication towers and rock faces, which allow our technicians to carry out work without the need for scaffolding.

We provide a safety at height service, by setting up safe systems for other personnel such as cameramen to work safely in exposed areas.

Rope Access Scotland & NDT Services Ltd. also offers defect monitoring on concrete using the 'tell tale' device. This device can measure whether a crack in a wall is spreading and by how much.

The company has a large database of technicians such as welders, riggers/erectors, joiners, electricians, painters and slaters. We also have stonemasons eho are NVQ and Protection of Ancient Buildings qualified. All personnel are IRATA rope access trained as well as qualified in their own trades.

We are on the Highland Regional Council (HRC) and Ministry of Defence (MoD) approved tender lists and have done construction and maintenance contract work for both. Rope Access Scotland & NDT Services Ltd. will consider any contract, large or small, and operate a 24 hour call-out service.

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24hr mobile: 07766 555173